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The crusade was a disaster, and Louis showed himself to be a weak and ineffectual military leader. Meanwhile Eleanor was lauded for her strength and wisdom through the crusade. The couple returned to France in 1149, and by 1152 their marriage had been dissolved. On December 23, 1588, Henry III referred to as a meeting between him and Duke of Guise at the Château de Blois. The duke’s brother, Louis…Read More

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Those memories inspired Little Dorrit, a novel about tiny persons who spend brutally for little financial errors, even though the wealthy and effective commit far higher crimes and get away with it. When this great PBS miniseries appeared in 2008, Bernie Madoff had just ruined thousands of people’s lives with his fraudulent investment scheme, proving the Dickens’s operate is nevertheless relevant currently. Newgate Prisoners are provided glimpses of the filth…Read More

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As nicely as their future offspring would have reputable claims for both the throne of Scotland and England. Peace lasted until 1513 when due to the ‘Auld Alliance’ signed by John Balliol in 1295 James was honour bound to help the French in their invasion of England. At the battle of Flodden it was a blood bath, the Scots had been slaughtered, James was among them. Continuing the tradition of…Read More

Alexandra Of Denmark, Queen Of Excellent Britain ~ A Guest Post By Jayne Smith

Gibbs, as well, retired from the prince’s service, and his precise post was permitted to lapse. 1849 Henry Birch, an below-master of Eton, ‘a young, great-seeking, amiable man,’ according to Prince Albert, was following cautious inquiry appointed his 1st tutor. Birch held workplace for two years, and was succeeded by Frederick W. Gibbs, a barrister, who was advised to Prince Albert by Sir James Stephen, then professor of history at…Read More

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He enacted several superior laws, among them one that enforced Celtic tradition requiring officers of the court to defend ladies and orphans anywhere in the kingdom. Yet another permitted daughters the similar rights of inheritance as sons. The only domestic disruption was in 1045, a rebellion by Duncan I’s supporters that was quickly suppressed. In 1046, Siward, earl of Northumbria, unsuccessfully attempted to dethrone Macbeth. When Duncan’s murdered body is…Read More

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We refer to several royals on a initially-name basis—Diana, Will and Kate, Harry and Meghan—which suggests some sort of intimacy with these elusive figures. We celebrate other folks, like Queen Elizabeth II , for their distant nature for the reason that it seems so quintessentially British. George I received the British crown simply because his mother Sophia was a granddaughter of James II. It is largely due to Sophia that…Read More